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Indulge in a culinary escapade with our truffle-inspired menu, where each dish is a masterpiece crafted around the enchanting allure of fresh, imported truffles. Elevate your dining experience as our chefs skillfully infuse these precious gems into every course, from appetizers to decadent desserts. With each bite, you’ll uncover the earthy aroma and exquisite flavor that only authentic truffles can bring, making your meal a truly unforgettable gourmet adventure. Prepare to be transported to a realm of gastronomic delight, where the finest ingredients come together to create a symphony of taste and luxury.


Frittura Di Calamari

Fried & served with marinara & truffles aioli  |  18

Sicilian Polpette

Meatballs & marinara sauce  |  16

Zucchini Blossoms

Stuffed with ricotta & mozzarella, fig jam  |  18

Truffle Burrata

Heirloom tomato, grilled shiitake mushroom, baby arugula, truffle balsamic vinegar  |  16

Fresh Oysters

Half dozen |  15

Full dozen |  28

Coccoli Toscani

Fried dough with truffle Stracciatella cheese, prosciutto in tomato sauce  |  16

Steak Tartare

Filet mignon tartare chef recipe served with Crostini  |  19

Artichoke Alla Romana

Grilled & served in a lemon butter sauce with fresh herbs  |  17

Truffle Caesar

Romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, crostini truffle |  10

Gorgonzola Salad

Mix green, cherry tomatoes, Gorgonzola, pear, walnuts, truffle balsamic  |  13


Fresh home made pasta from scratch

Gluten Free Penne  +$3

Ask about our 3 course Truffle Experience Menu

Add Protein

Chicken +$5 / Burrata +$4 / Shrimp + $9 / Meatballs +$4 / Salmon +$10 / Italian Sausage +$8

Linguine Vongole

Fresh manila clams, garlic, Calabrese, chili white wine sauce  |  24

Pappardelle Short Rib

Shredded short ribs slowly cooked with red wine  |  26

Fettuccine Parmigiano

Parmigiano, creamy Alfredo sauce  |  20

Rigatoni Pink Vodka

Parmigiano, creamy vodka sauce  |  19

Gnocchi Sorrentina

Stuffed gnocchi, organic tomato sauce, pesto fresh burrata  |  22

Spaghetti Carbonara

Guanciale, egg yolks, pecorino cheese  |  23

Fettuccine Sorrento

Shiitake mushrooms, baby scallops, shrimp, truffle, brandy, creamy sauce  |  29

Ravioli Di Ossubuco

Beef ravioli in mushroom sauce  |  24

Truffle Cannelloni

Truffle besciamella, mozzarella, mushrooms, black truffle sauce  |  25

Gourmet Pizza

Mortadella e Pistacchio

Pistacchio pesto, mortadella, stracciatella cheese  |  22

Pesto e Gamberi

Pesto sauce, shrimp, burrata  |  23

Polpette e Salsiccia

Tomato sauce, ricotta, meatball, Italian sausage  |  20


Chicken Parmigiana

Organic chicken breast, bread crusted, tomato sauce buffalo mozzarella, served over spaghetti  |  26


Lamb shank slowly cooked with Barolo wine & tomatoes served with truffle risotto  |  35

Filetto al Barolo

8oz filet mignon, mashed potato, veggies in Barolo red wine, reduction sauce  |  39

Gold Burger

1 pounds Angus patty burger, gold burger, buns, truffle french fry  |  25

King Salmon

Salmon, spinach mashed potatoes, grain mustard, chardonnay wine sauce  |  27


Asparagus risotto, truffle butter blanc  |  48


Whole roasted Mediterranean Sea bass, veggies, lemon sauce  |  38

Bistecca Fiorentina

Prime t-bone steak, 30 oz perfect cooked, sliced served with roasted potatoes in truffle butter sauce   |  75 (for 2 people)


Truffle Fries  |  14
Garlic Bread  |  10
Mashed Potatoes  |  10
Spinaci All’aglio  |  12